Shank Space

A Short Affair

Oct 01, 2020

Look at that guy, he walking along
Wearing shorts, just strutting along
It’s Bermudas! he shouts, in sing song
It’s shorts.

Halt, says the cop, You can’t do that!
Wearing shorts is very very bad
But it’s Bermuda’s, and it’s rad!
It’s shorts.

The guy’s stringed up to a tree
As his punishment and mortal fee
‘Cos it’s illegal to sport them wee
Little shorts.

Cop catches walkers, old men and wives
Hanging them, in front of his eyes
Stop doing that! Killing them like mice!
Oh… these… shorts…!

Watch them die; it is on you!
Please stop, what do I do?
Let me strip, let me remove
Them shorts!

Oh no you don’t, there are kids playing!
You pervert, what are you saying?
Look at them bowl, look at them batting…
What a shot!

Grab those kids, line them up
One by one, hang them up
The guy starts wailing, I GIVE UP!
He’s shot.