Shank ∫pace

Night-time Sounds

Jul 25, 2016

Oftentimes I lay awake,
Trying to sleep but it stays away
The white noise that induce sleep
Seem so loud, they keep me awake

The gentle ticking of the clock
Grows aloud as the time crawls
A beating drum in the inner ear
A hammering second hand of the clock

The sound of moving air and blades
The fan, during the day barely registers
Now spewing more noise than wind
At night, those deafening blades

Louder still are the rains
The splattering on the roads outside
The rooftop waters falling even
After the actual stopping of the rains

But the sound that never goes off
The one present in your mind
A high pitch humming, a constant tone
Is the one to which you finally nod off