Shank Space

On Friends

Dec 26, 2023

Respected friends, members of the friends council and my dear friends. Welcome.

Conversations are one of the underrated pleasures and privileges of us, human beings, the human condition. Specially the ones where you go back to the same person and are able to hold long threads of thought. Not the same thought, that would make it an asylum. But those hour long discussions over coffee.

A while back I took a personality test which said I am an introvert and I took it heart. I used it as a crutch, that I don’t talk to people but I have different pros, which is cool. I realise that I’m not fully into that, I don’t identify as a 100% introvert anymore. I’m what I call a conversation whore. I will legit drive through the rain on my scooter to have a cup of chai and a chat.

It is therefore my greatest privilege to call each and every one of you a dear friend of mine. None of you would be in this room if it weren’t for that first conversation we had. But more importantly, all of you continue putting up with me and my life is objectively better because you guys are in it. Individually each of you is a gem, but as whole, I am lucky to experience something that is greater than the sum of all of you.

My therapist says we as a person are made of the people we interact with and the environment. I am happy and grateful to be me.

I love you all.