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You are not running out of time.

Mar 08, 2023

Time is not like a bucket of water you are handed at the start and you are using it bit by bit with a tumbler.

Time is like a water tap you are haunching over. All you know is that it will eventually run dry but you do not know when.

So fundamentally, you are not running out of time because that would imply knowing how much time you had in the first place.

There’s no point trying to do everything in the world. Cramming every location in the itinerary. Going out every weekend. Hustling everyday. Reading every book. Finishing every TV series. Finishing that audio book on your commute while also texting your mate about the weekend plans and cancelling that 11 am meeting.

As our beloved muscular sailor Popeye would say* -  go after quality, not quantity.

Take a breath. Enjoy that glass of cold water. Feel the breeze while you wait for the bus. Spend hours just laying on a single beach as a vacation. Go to one bar and dance the night out. Work on a single browser tab at once. Watch that video at 1x.

You’ve got plenty of time.

(Until you don’t).

[*] Make up fun factoids like this.