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We hate them. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

What if you had a personal ad block server, with which you could…

The Homemade Pi

A custom built a Raspberry Pi server, preloaded with Pi-Hole and installed over your home internet network.

It is fully open source, hardware and software. Just a convenient packaging of it.
Once installed it is yours 100%, you own it.


int(math.pi * 1000)

One time. Upfront.

Need ongoing technical assistance? ₹31/month.
No issues in a month? The money will be donated to the awesome folks at Pi-Hole in your name!

Send me an e-mail

For interest check.

E-mail me here. Mention [HomemadePi] somewhere in there and I will get back to ya.

Who, what, why?

I believe advertisements come at high cost: one of our attention. They occupy valuable screen real estate, distract us with re-directs, entice us with hyper personalized recommendations. The personalization algorithms know what you will and will not buy, they analyze the ever-so-subtle reactions to your every move on the internet to present ads that are optimized to steal your attention.

They are ubiquitous because they work as a business model and until we find a more sustainable one they are going to stay with us for a long time to come. I do not have a solution yet, and I realize the hypocrisy in the statement, but I want something better. I have Pi-Hole set up at my home so my family do not have to worry about malware ridden, pop-up filled, ad infested websites and apps. So they can browse the internet with no additional setup necessary, the ads being blocked at the router.

The very neat dashboard and granular network level controls are a huge nerd snipe.

The target audience here is YOU, the family-tech-person. Someone who understands the benefits yet does not have the patience to source and set this up over a weekend. But once setup, you can use the Pi for anything you want. The first step is the hardest, but once you have crossed that barrier, this could be your introduction to the world of self-hosted software even. The possibilities…

A very, very, niche audience, yes. And hence the interest check. It also ties in with another idea I am noodling around with, but more on that some other time.

So, are you interested?